The Bloody=minded Husband;


The Bloody=minded Husband;


OR, The Unfortunate Wife: Giving a True Account of one WILLIAM TERRY of Derbyshire, within Two Miles of Ashbourn, who murder'd his Wife Jane: For which he receiv'd due Sentance of Death, according to the Cruelty of his Crime.

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Magdalene College - Pepys Library, Pepys Ballads 2.194; EBBA 20809

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THis is a black and gloomy Day, dark Clouds of Grief appear;
And all my Joys are fled away,
my Soul is wrack'd with Fear:
Death with a gastful Countenance, does make me sore afraid,
For now I see I soon shall be a just Example made.

Alas my kind and loving Wife, whom I sometimes enjoy'd,
In cruel sort her dearest Life, my guilty Hands destroy'd:
Which Deed has brought me into thrall, the World may me degrade:
I am this day before you all a sad Example made.

A guilty Conscience now does fly here in this Face of mine;
Her Blood does for loud Vengeance cry to God enthron'd on high:
Therefore this World I bid adieu, since I her Life betray'd,
I am this Day in open view, a just Example made.

When I had done this bloody Deed, I was with Grief opprest;
My very Heart began to bleed,
I could not be at rest,
But was tormented still in mind, since I her Life betray'd,
And I shall be this day, I find a sad Example made.

My lawful Wife, and bosome Friend, whom I had cause to love,
I brought to an untimely end: my Crime is far above
The greatest Villain in the Land: her Life I have betray'd;
For which I shall be out of hand, a just Example made.

It is my trying Sins I know, and likewise want of Grace,
Which proves my fatal Overthrow, and brought me to this place:
My Conscience being stain'd with guilt, to dye I am afraid;
I shall be for the Blood I spilt, a just Example made.

I did destroy, as well as she, the Infant in her Womb,
If God should be severe with me, Eternal Death's my Doom,
But gracious Lord be not severe, as I have often pray'd;
Let this suffice that I am here a just example made.

Who leads a discontented Life, take Warning by my Ill,
And live in love like Man and Wife, curbing your Passions still;
For fear it proves your Overthrow, as I have often said:
In sorrow from this World I go,
a just example made.

O that my dear beloved Mate, I could recall again;
But that Repentance comes too late, my Tears are all in vain:
She now lies sleeping in the Dust, whose Life I have betray'd;
For which by justice now I must be an example made.

This very day the World I leave, therefore some pity take,
Good Lord! and here my Soul receive even for thy Mercies sake;
And cleanse me from the guilt of Sin for which I oft have pray'd;
Let it suffice that I have been a just example made.





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Printed for I. Bissel, at the Hospital Gate in West=smithfield.




“The Bloody=minded Husband;,” Execution Ballads, accessed June 15, 2024,

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