[...] Being a sad and true Relation of the Apprehension, Tryal, Confession, Condemnation, and Execution of the two barbarous and bloody Murtherers,


[...] Being a sad and true Relation of the Apprehension, Tryal, Confession, Condemnation, and Execution of the two barbarous and bloody Murtherers,


who basely and unawares killed a worthy Knight of the North Country as he was going down to the Waterside; not giving them the least abuse, for which cruel and inhumane action they were both hanged in Fleet-Street, near White-Fryers, 22 of Octo. 1675.

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Magdalene College - Pepys Library, Shelfmar: Pepys Ballads 2.144; EBBA 20762

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ALL hearts that ever yet did bleed,
For any barbarous cruel deed;
All tyey that ever yet did mourn,
Now into floods your sorrows turn:
No tongue such cruelty e're told,
As I to you shall here unfold;
If that my trembling Pen will write,
Or my astonish'd mind indite:

The Cry of blood will reach the skie,
And the bloody-thirsty man shall dye.

Of all the murthers which are known,
Compar'd to this I hear of none;
Those which such bloody acts commit,
Expect that they shall gain by it;
But these the Devil did engage
To murder in a furious rage;
No profit this base act could bring,
Nor no abuse did cause this thing,

The cry of blood, etc.

A worthy Knight out of the North,
O pitty 'twas he e're came forth;
To London came to see his Friends,
Not thinking he was nigh his end:
But back he never did return,
Which caus'd his own dear wife to mourn:
Sir Richard so they did him call,
Pray listen how he came to fall.

The cry of blood, etc.

He had now in his company,
One that did serve him formerly,
Who walk'd out with him up and down,
So long as he stay'd in the Town:
But as they walkt the streets one day,
They met two Persons as they say;
Of good extract, so that for shame,
I shall not dare to tell their name:

The cry of blood, etc.

The second Part, To the same Tune.

The man which was with th' Knight they knew,
Then to a Tavern they must go;
The Knight also to th' Tavern went,
Which made him sorely to repent:
But e're that they did make an end,
These Hectors quarrell'd with his friend,
'Twas in White-Fryers they did drink,
He little of his death did think.

The cry of blood, etc.

Sir Richard willing to appease,
And willing that their rage should cease,
The Reckoning paid as I hear say,
And with his friend did go away:
They were not gone but little space,
But the other two of little grace,
Did follow them, and at one blow,
Did run Sir Richards Body through

The cry of blood, etc.

he being dead they both did flye,
Thinking to shun their destiny;
But all in vain, in Bark-shire they
At Wallingford were forc'd to stay:
To Reding Goal they both were sent,
Such further mischief to prevent;
To New-Gate afterwards were brought,
To suffer for the deed they wrought.

The cry of blood, etc.

At the last Sessions they were try'd,
The bloody deed was not deny'd;
For which they sentenc'd were to dye,
A reward for impiety.
In Fleet-street neer White-Fryers end,
Being near the place they did offend;
They hanged were, which was their due,
Least further mischief they pursue.

The cry of blood, etc.

This was the Murderers just fate,
They both repent when 'twas too late;
Blood cries for vengeance which will come,
And give those bloody men their doom:
For if that such as those should live,
And not for death their death receive,
Those wretches would in fury great
Kill any man they met i'th' street.

The cry of blood, etc.

Let all men therefore have a care,
How that the Devil doth ensnare;
To act such barbarous deeds as those,
Not to the very worst of foes:
If they are wrong'd, the Law will find,
Redress according to their mind;
Which serves such actions to prevent,
Being order'd for the same intent.

The cry of blood, etc.

Let all that hear this be afraid,
And not by Satan be betraid;
For life is sweet, and now we see
Their fury was the death of three:
The Knight did die innocence,
They justly suffer'd for offence:
God grant that their repentance might,
Give to their Souls some sweet delight.

The cry of blood, etc.

Consider well all wicked men,
Fear God, repent, and surely then
He'l keep you from such hanious crimes,
Which rule too much in these our times:
Abstain high drinking, do not swear,
And of bad company be ware;
Seek not in quarrels to contend,
Then blest will be your latter end.

The cry of blood, etc.

Composer of Ballad

W. P.

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Execution Location

Fleet Street near Whitefriars

Printing Location

Printed for John Hose, over against Stapels-Inn, in Holburn, near Grays-Inn-Lane.

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Bleeding Heart is linked to In Crete, which is ultimately derived from Come follow my love (Simpson 1966, pp. 365, 374).


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