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Student experiences during the COVID-19 Outbreak: Understanding student perceptions of inclusion at the University of Melbourne

The COVID-19 outbreak poses significant issues for University students, with issues related to inclusivity being of central concern for students working from home. The student experience in relationship to an infectious outbreak requiring quarantine is relatively unknown. How do Universities support and reach out to students during this period and what is the student experience during an outbreak of the current nature? Covid Campus is a student led project at the University of Melbourne. Students enrolled in the Master of Public Health subject Community based participatory research led a photovoice project, where they documented their own experiences of the initial lock downs of the University campus and physical distancing regulations.

Students participating in the COVIDCampus project are:

Sainy Azeez, Holly Chung, Genevieve Edwards, Callisha Gregg-Rowan, Emilia Janca, Julia Knapp, Adriana Ridzwan, Nusrat Sarmin, Amina Seferovic, Farnaz Shahimi, James Tapa, Amelia Wardley, Rana Islamiah Zahroh, and Mia Zentari.

For more information about the CovidCampus project please email Cathy Vaughan and Richard Chenhall for further details.