Invitation to UNITWIN

The Invitation

The 20th Anniversary, 10 September 2041, of the historic Arts Education research time capsule.

2041 Arts Education Imperatives

On this occasion of the 20th year of the ‘New directions for sustainability’ research project, we are opening the time capsule with your contribution.

You may recall you were invited to contribute to an education research time capsule to capture and archive your work from 2021. Finally, the time has arrived to revisit, reflect and celebrate the stories of your research.

We invited you to send us a pre-recorded 7-minute time capsule video that tells the story of your research that you worked on in 2021. Fortunately, the suggested simple video creation tool, used as a format is still readable today.

The time capsule categories were:

• Decolonisation• Cultural resilience• Inclusion, agency, and wellbeing• The Post-digital age

Invitation to UNITWIN