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04.1126 Free music machine components.jpg
The box of Free Music components that this object is part of contains scraps of wood, metal, paper and rubber.
- Wood and felt frame (musical instrument?)
- Small piece of cardboard with electronic components attached - transformer, potentiometer,…

watercolour, ink and graphite on paper

00.0056 ButterflyPiano.tif
Iron, wood, steel, ivory, ebony, nails.

Keen to explore the possibilities of Free Music, but lacking instruments that would readily play the ‘noteless’ gliding tones it required, Grainger and Cross modified existing instruments to make…

06.0034 side.JPG
Wood, plastic, string, tape, metal, masonite

This ‘reed box’ is designed somewhat like a giant
mechanically-operated mouth organ. A large strip of
paper (not present), like a pianola roll with holes cut at
calculated points, was to be…

Steel, PVC pipe, plastic sheet, globes, ink, electronics, speakers.

One of Grainger and Cross’s last experiments before
Grainger’s death in 1961 was an attempt to create a more
immediate and accurate form of Free Music through the
use of…

Ink on paper

21.4 x 14.3 cm

Wood, cardboard tubes, paper, string, tape, nails

Ink, paper, wood, tape, glass

Grainger scored his compositions Free Music No.1 and Free Music No.2 (1936-7) for multiple theremins. These scores were reproduced by Grainger in this Free Music Legend which he made for the Grainger Museum’s…
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