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00.0110 front.jpg
Small rounded slit drum with handle on top. Abstractly shaped to represent a "fish head" (used to accompany Buddhist chant). Slit across flattened base - hollowed out slightly to resonate when struck with accompanying beater. Painted red and gold…

00.0100 base body detail.jpg
Body made from wooden cylinder (large bamboo rods) with wooden panels on front and back - back panel has 5 decorative pierced holes. Neck is made from cylindrical piece of wood - becomes squared at pegs - 2 pegs protruding from back of peg box.…

Circular wooden body wtih short neck and four hexagonal wooden pegs. Strings missing. Ten raised wooden frets on neck and body (2 missing). Simple wood work with no decoration . "Strings in pairs at the 5th". Slight scroll on peg box and darker…
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