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Grainger Museum in the making inscribed 1938.jpg
This photograph shows the Grainger Museum in its second phase of construction at the University of Melbourne, in 1938. It shows the rear extension of the museum being constructed, viewing in a north westerly direction. Ella Grainger is standing with…

EG with builders at Museum web.jpg
Ella and Percy Grainger were closely involved with the design and construction of their museum on the grounds of the University. This photograph shows Ella Grainger on site in the second phase of building in 1938.

Museum under construction 12.11.1935.tif
This photograph shows the first stage of construction of the Grainger Museum at the University of Melbourne, Parkville.

Grainger Museum Interior curved cabinets and costume.jpg
Percy Grainger commissioned a number of the display cases to be made for the variety of objects in his museum. These were designed by A. Pengelley & Co., Melbourne, and made locally.

PG & EG inside Museum 1956.tif
Percy Grainger stated that the Grainger Museum was intended to ‘preserve and display exhibits collected by me during the last 40 years’ including material about his personal and professional life, as well as the ‘many different aspects’ of other…

PG & EG outside Museum Dec 1938_01.TIF
The design and construction of the Grainger Museum occurred in two stages: the central foyer and front galleries in 1935, and the adjoining radial and semicircular galleries in 1938. Throughout the entire process Grainger worked closely with…

EG and PG 1934 Adelaide percussion web.jpg
Audience interest in the compositions of Australia’s celebrated composer-pianist Percy Grainger was immense, and his tours in Australia in 1934 and 1935 are typical. His 1934 tour included performances of In a Nutshell Suite, To a Nordic Princess,…

[1] humblegrainger.jpg
This image of Keith Humble, originally published in Post's World of Entertainment Review, shows him with some of his improvisation equipment, freeing music from traditional constraints.
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