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EG and PG 1934 Adelaide percussion web.jpg
Audience interest in the compositions of Australia’s celebrated composer-pianist Percy Grainger was immense, and his tours in Australia in 1934 and 1935 are typical. His 1934 tour included performances of In a Nutshell Suite, To a Nordic Princess,…

[1] humblegrainger.jpg
This image of Keith Humble, originally published in Post's World of Entertainment Review, shows him with some of his improvisation equipment, freeing music from traditional constraints.

2017.23-4.5 Uni Melb Gazettep.2 crop for video.tif
Milton Babbitt, American composer and Professor of Music at Princeton University, was invited as the international expert to the seminar 'The State of the Art of Electronic Music in Australia' at the University of Melbourne in 1971. This photograph,…

Reverberations photo Dodds.jpg
Felix Werder, Ian Bonighton, Keith Humble and Ron Nagorcka with the newly released LP Reverberations, c. 1973. The LP included 'Cathedral Music 1' by Ian Bonighton, 'Toccata' by Felix Werder, 'Theme and Variations' by Ron Nagorcka, and 'Paraphrase…

Tristram-Cary-1 copy.jpg
35mm film

This photo shows Tristram Cary adjusting a knob on an EMS Synthi AKS portable synthesizer in the window of his studio. In the background is his Bechstein piano. This photograph was taken while Cary was composing the music for …

GraingerCentre_41 web Bonighton left Humble right Hyner scrapbook 1967.jpg
Unknown photographer, probably Robert Hyner. The Grainger Museum experimental music displays and workshops, c.1966–67

Grainger Museum Collection, Robert Hyner.

When he arrived at the Grainger Museum in 1966, Humble worked with Grainger…

Cross Grainger experiments Sea Song.tif
Unknown photographer, Cross-Grainger experiments 1950: ‘Sea-Song’ sketch, 3 Solovoxes played by Pianola Roll, 1950

Graphic reproduction of original photograph

Grainger Museum Archive, 99.5700

Grainger’s experimentation in electronic…

Kangaroo Pouch Machine.TIF
This photograph shows the Grainger and Cross's Kangaroo Pouch Tone Tool Free Music machine installed in the Grainger Museum, probably in the late 1950s. The machine was not fully complete when it was installed, and Cross visited the Grainger Museum…
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