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Melba owned numerous cars throughout her life including models made by Rolls Royce, Pierce-Arrow, Renault, Fiat and Cadillac. When she travelled, her cars were sometimes shipped between continents including to Australia. In Paris in 1904, Melba was…

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Created by an unknown photographer, this experimental composite photograph was used by Grainger on promotional postcards in the 1930s. It projects an explicitly modern image of the multifaceted musician.

Outwardly confident, Grainger was…

Tristram Cary in his studio.jpg
Tristram Cary in his electronic studio at Fressingfield, UK, early 1970s

This photograph was taken at the Grainger home at White Plains, USA. Other photographs in the Grainger Museum Collection depict Ella Grainger also working with Percy Grainger and Burnett Cross, on this same experiment. It is likely that Ella Grainger…
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