THE Bloody-minded Husband;


THE Bloody-minded Husband;


OR, The Cruelty of John Chambers, who lately lived at Tanworth, in Warwick-shire, and conspir'd the Death of Wife, hiring a Servant to Shoot her with a Musket, which he accordingly did, for which they were both Arraign'd, found Guilty, and Executed for the same.

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Magdalene College - Pepys Library, Pepys Ballads 2.169; EBBA 20786

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GOod People all I pray attend, and mind
This Mournful Ditty and you'll quickly find,
That cruel Sins does in this Kingdom Reign,
Of which we have just reason to Complain.
To see how Men run on their wicked Race
With eagerness, as being void of Grace;
Taking delight in those Notorious Crimes,
Which are the cause of our Distracted times.
Some Men with wanton Harlots leads their Life,
And slights the kind Embraces of a Wife;
Till ruin and destruction proves their fate,
And then at length Repentance comes too late.
As by these Mournful Lines it will appear,
John Chambers, living in fair Warwick-shire,
And at the Town of Tanworth, I declare,
A loose lascivious life he did lead there.
Keeping a wanton Harlot Company,
But for his loving Wife continually
He then abus'd, and likewise hated so.
That at the length it prov'd his overthrow.
That he those sinful pleasures might enjoy,
Alas! he study'd dayly to destroy
The Life of his right lawful loving Bride,
Unto that end he many methods try'd.
As from her Brothers House with him she went,
His cruel heart to wickedness was bent;
He did attempt to Drown her by the way,
Yet Providence preserved her that day.
Tho' at this time he could not have his will,
His most inraged Malice reigned still;
So that he neither night nor day could rest,
Making the thoughts of Murder in his breast.
Two Soldiers then he labour'd to employ,
In this most horrid cruel Villany;
Yet tho' he proffer'd them large Money then,
They would not be such bloody-minded Men.
Tho' he did with these disappointments meet,
Yet he was still resolved to compleat
This bloody Murther on his loving Wife,
And in short space bereave her of her Life.
He hir'd then a Servant of his own,
Declaring that it never would be known.
This said, the Wretch did not disputing stand,
But straightways took the Bloody work in hand.
Now while they did their Treachery conceal,
Poor heart, who was set at her Spinning-Wheel,
Free from the thoughts of either dread or fear,
Who little knew her Death was drawing near.
Servant and Master being both agreed,
A Muskuet straight they Charge, and Load with speed;
The Servant coming to his harmless Dame,
He Shot her through the Body with the same.
Just as she had receiv'd the fatal Wound,
And languishing, lay sprawling on the ground,
Her Husband came for to Salute her then,
Like a false wretch, the very worst of Men.
But she (alas) refus'd his Judas Kiss,
And with her dying voice, she told him this:
By Murther now you have procur'd my death,
And with those words she yielded up her breath,
Master and Man was then to Prison sent,
In order for a Lawful Punishment:
Nay, likewise when Assizes came at last,
They for this Murder was Arraign'd and Cast.
Now on the day that he was brought to Dye,
The Master call'd to all the standers by;
Wishing that they by him might warning take,
And all lewd Womens Company forsake.
For they alone, alas! has Ruin'd me,
And now this day my dismal Doom I see;
Had I been kind and loving to my Wife,
I might have liv'd a long and happy Life.
Farewel the World, and all vain Pleasures here,
Good God, when I before thy Throne appear,
Altho' my Sins are many, gross and foul,
Do thou be merciful, and save my Soul.

Method of Punishment



murder, highway robbery



Execution Location

Tamworth, Warwickshire

Printing Location

Printed for J. Deacon, at the Angel in Giltspur/ street, without Newgate.

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Fortune my foe is also known as Aim not too high (recording is Fortune my foe)


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