Certayne versis writtene by Thomas Brooke Gentleman


Certayne versis writtene by Thomas Brooke Gentleman


in the tyme of his imprysonment the daye before his deathe who sufferyd at Norwich the .30.of August. 1570.

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Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, Shelfmark: Arch. A c.7; Bodleian Ballads Online Bod3372


Certayne versis / writtene by Thomas Brooke Ge~tleman / in the tyme of his impryso~ment / the daye before his deathe / who sufferyd at Norwich / the. 30. of August. 1570.

I Languishe / as I lye /
And death doth make me thrall /
To cares which death shall sone cut of /
And sett me quyt / of all.

yett feble fleshe would faynt /
To feale so sharpe a fyght /
Saue Fayth in Christ / doth comfort me /
And sleithe such fancy quyght.

For fyndyng forth howe frayle /
Eache wordly state doth stande /
I hould him blyst / that fearyng God /
Is redd of such a band.

For he that longest lyues /
And Nestors yeares doth gayne /
Hath so much more accompte to make /
And fyndyth Lyfe but vayne.

What cawse ys then to quayle /
I am called before /
To tast the Ioyes which Christis bloode /
Hath bowght and layde in store.

No no / no greter Ioye /
Can eny hart posses /
Then throwgh the death to gayne a lyfe /
Wyth hym in blyssednes.

Who sende the Quene long lyfe /
Much Ioye and contries peace /
Her Cowncell health / hyr fryndes good lucke /
To all ther Ioyes increase.

Thus puttyng vppe my greaues /
I grownde my lyfe on God /
And thanke hym with most humble hart /
And mekelye kysse his rodde.

Finis /

{quod} Thomas Brooke.

Seane / and allowyd / accordynge to the Quenes Maiestyes Iniunction.

God saue the Quene

Imprynted at Norwich in the Paryshe of Saynct Andrewe / by Anthony de Solempne. 1570.

Composer of Ballad

Thomas Brooke [?]

Method of Punishment

hanging, drawing and quartering


high treason



Execution Location

Norwich, Norfolk

Printing Location

Norwich in the Paryshe of Saynct Andrews by Anthony de Solempne


From the Holinshed Project, 1587, vol. 6, p. 1221: The seauen and twentith of Male, Thomas Nor|ton and Christopher Norton of Yorkshire,The Nor|tons execu|ted. being both condemned of high treason for the late rebellion in the north, were drawen from the tower of London to Tiborne, and there hanged, headed, and quartered. In this yeare also conspired certeine gentlemen with other in the countie of Norffolke,Conspiracie in Norffolke and where|vpon it tooke beginning. whose purpose was on Midsummer daie at Harlestone faire, with sound of trumpet and drum to haue rais [...]d a num|ber, and then to proclame their diuelish pretense a|gainst strangers and others. This matter was vtte|red by Thomas Ket one of the conspiracie vnto Iohn Kenseie, who foorthwith sent the same Ket with a conestable to the next iustice, before whome and o|ther iustices he opened the whole matter. Wherevp|on maister Drue Drurie immediatlie apprehen|ded Iohn Throckmorton, and after him manie gen|tlemen of the citie of Norwich, and the countie of Norffolke, who were all committed to prison, and at the next sessions of goale deliuerie at the castell of Norwich, the seauentéenth of Iulie before sir Robert Catlin knight lord chéefe iustice, Gilbert Gerard the quéenes attornie generall, and other iustices, ten of them were indicted of high treason, and some others of contempt. Diuerse of them were condemned, and had iudgement the one and twentith of August: and afterward thrée of them were hanged, bowelled, and quartered, which were Iohn Throckmorton of Nor|wich gentleman, who stood mute at his arreignment, but at the gallows confessed himselfe to be the chéefe conspirator, and that none had deserued to die but he, for that he had procured them. With him was execu|ted Thomas Brooke of Rolsbie gentleman on the thirtith of August; and George Dedman of Cringle|ford gentleman was likewise executed the second of September.


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