Sal]isbury Assizes. [?]ard of Witchcraft.


Sal]isbury Assizes. [?]ard of Witchcraft.


Being a true Relation of one Mistris Bodnan living in Fisherton, next house but one to the Gallowes, who being a Witch seduced a Maid, called by name, Anne Stiles, to the s[a]me abominab[le] and detested action of VVitchcraft; which VVitch for that action was executed the 19 day of March 1653.

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WHen men and Women leave the way
of God, and goodnesse quite,
They practice mischief every day
and therein take delight
The Divel then is nye at hand
When these things he doth understand,
You that will goe,
High or low
Resolve upon this doubt.

As by the Story you shall heare
if you will list a while
The Divell lately did appeare;
and a Woman did beguile
But she did make the way before,
And in her heart did him adore
You that will goe, etc.

In Fisherton this dame did dwell
of conversation bad
She did converse with the Divell of Hell,
which made her friends all sad,
Unto the Divell she gave her soule
Sealed in a bloudy scroule,
You that will goe, etc.

Mistris Bodnam was her name,
who daily undertooke
To helpe men to stolne goods againe,
even with her cunjuring booke
A looking glasse she had likewise,
To shew the Theeves before their eyes
You that will goe, etc.

Amonge the rest a Maid then went,
her name was Annis Stiles
About stolne goods in discontent
but the Divill her beguiles
The Divill did the Witch perswade
For to seduce this silly maid
You that will goe, etc,

She gave the Maid a Looking glasse
on which she looked on
But at the length it came to pas
she was to soone undone,
For want of wisdome and true grce,
She was undone in little space,
You that will goe, etc.

Sweetheart quoth she if that you please,
I will teach you my art,
So you may live in wealth and ease
according to your heart
If you your Soule the Divell will give
In health and wealth you then may live,
You that will goe, etc.

To soone alas she did consent
and seald it with her blood,
Which made her afterwards repent,
when as she understood
That she must loose the joyes of heaven
For some Toyes unto her given
You that will goe,
High or low,
Resolve upon this doubt.

[The secon]d part to the same tune.

AT length it came for to be known,
how she had simply run
Then to the Witch she made her mone.
and said she was undone
She said to London she would flye,
For feare least both of them should dye,
You that will goe
High or low,
Resolve upon this doubt.

The Witch was willing thereunto,
and bid her fly with speed
She was at Stockbridge taken though,
for that notorious deed,
The Divill cast her to and froe
As all the company did know
You that will goe, etc,

When in the chamber she came in,
the Divell tost her about
She askt the divell where heed bin
to give her such a floute,
Then all the standers by amaz'd,
Upon each other then they gaz'd,
You that will goe, etc,

A Gentleman great paines did take,
with her the people say,
And she to him her minde did breake
and for her he did pray,
She told him the old witch was cause
That she had broke Gods holy lawes
You that will goe, etc.

Foure dayes together she was vext
tormented grievously
And in her mind was sore perplex[t]
that some thought she would d[?]

The Divell like a Snake apeard
Which all the country people feard
You that will goe, etc,

But when the old Witch came in sight,
then did she take her rest,
And she did sleepe well all that night
as plainly is exprest,
She said when as she walkt againe,
She praised God she felt no paine
You that will goe, etc.

She told the Gentleman that she
would tell him all her art
And that he should inriched be
by what she should impart
She told him that she knew full well,
She should be a great Lady in hel.
You that will goe,etc.

The old Witch executed was,
this moneth the 19. day.
She ever had a face of Bras
as all the people say,
Insteed of pensivenesse and prayer
She did nought but curse and sware,
You that will goe, etc,

God nothing had to do with her
she said most desperately
She swore and curst and kept a stur
and desperately did dye
Let all good people therefore say
[?]their hearts with me and pray,
[You that w]ill goe
High or low,
Resolve upon this doubt.

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