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Blue Gum - treated area. Elliot River
Blue Gum, planted - Majorca
Bogong High Plains Burnt Snow gums headwaters of Mitta Mitta R
Bogong High Plains looking NE from Mt Cope - headwaters of Kiewa eastern branch
Box & ironbark poles (Eucalyptus hemiphloia & Eucalyptus sideroxylon) after butt treatment with creosote. Lengths 18-30 ft. Top diam. 8" * Treat. By P.M.G. Dept. Rushworth. Trees in background mainly Eucalyptus sideroxylon.
Box Ironbark Forest
Box ironbark forest?
Boys from the Noojee boys camp clearing the forest.
Breaking Down Bench at Powelltown
Bridge beams Grey Box Gippsland
Bridge on Forest Commission road. East Tanjil. Neerim district
Bright - Pinus radiata 11 yrs
Bright Sawmill
Broadribb River - bank erosion
Brown's Mill Icy Creek. Burnt 13-1-1939 Neerim District
Bulla - drainage from the upper side of the road is discharged through a small culvert 18" x 24" the road near the telegraph post.
Bulla - The gully is over 1000' in length up to 1.32 feet in width and 57 at the deepest point. Formation - a basaltic soil overlying decomposed granite.
Bulla - Heavy gully erosion beneath the culvert outlet
Cletrac tractor with angle blade and canopy clearing a fire break.
Bulldozer making a road in fire damaged Eucalypt forest
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