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Bullock team hauling logs to a sawmill in the Rubicon forest, Alexandra.
Cletrac tractor with angle blade and canopy clearing a fire break.
F.C. Power grader clearing fire break and track
Wilson's Promontory on old track to Sealer's Cove
Egypt poles - creolatum on ends
A Caterpillar D4 tractor in Britain. These were used by the Forests Commission of Victoria in the 1940s.
Timber destruction following repeated fires on the Tooronga Plateau, Neerim District.
A caterpillar D6 tractor using a winch to haul logs into a sawmill.
Part of logging and loading, rig in ash country. Thomson Valley
Loading logs from trawler to mill
Powelltown tramway c1916 "Powellite" loading logs from landing serviced by a horse drawn tramway on the line up to the Bump prior to the construction of the Big Bridge. (See page 30 of book Powelltown published by LRRSA)
This is a close up of a log that has been brought to the train line by horse teams. The worker is removing the large nails used to fix the log fro dragging by the team.
This is the diagram for the North Bend Skyline and High Lead Logging system.
This is a diagram of the process and path for a haulage Track distribution system.
Old Style fencing
A Selector cutting posts for fencing
Eucalyptus Regnans Sherbrooke , girth 53' coloured slide
Initial bench breakout for Road Construction as left by Bulldozer and ready for the grader. Neerim District
Forestry Company men on the job. England
Cook at Delatite Camp (M.B. Water Supply)
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