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Wind erosion - Timberoo reserve due to indiscriminant clearing of Mallee scrub from farms and roads in course of settlement
Wind Erosion - Mallee district
Wilson's Promontory on old track to Sealer's Cove
Why trees stand and fall. Erosion.
White stringy bark and silvertop, Gippsland
White Mountain Ash - Eucalyptus Regnans, Stoney Creek, State Forest, Narbethong. Height - 303 feet 7 inches
White Forest, Mount Emerald
Western Australian fire tower design
West Tanjil River after second fire 1st Jan 1939, 2nd March, 1940
There were four Saxton brothers, Ben, Wilbur, John and Eric. Ben was killed in the 1939 fires. Eric worked the planing mill at Moe and Wilbur and John worked at West Tanjil. The person in this image is most likely Wilbur Saxton.
West of Yea - Gully erosion
West of Warrandyte - sheet erosion has completely stripped the soil mantle from the underlying sedementaries
West of Maindample - sheet erosion has exposed the underlying sedimentary formation and gully erosion is tearing out the dup valley filling loams
West of Maindample - hill below fence wire
West of Maindample - Tarn of debris below gully
Wellsford forest near Bendigo. Knocking coppice for Eucalyptus distillation.
Well developed cork forest in Algiers Tunisia where the forests are large along with Portugal and Southern Spain.
Wattle bark stripping
Waterfall in a forest
These are the water tanks used for a steam engine at an unknown sawmill with an unidentified person.
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