Introduction to the New Directions in Sustainability Project

Arts Education Imperatives Research

The arts provide education possibilities to transform personal, social and cultural dimensions. It is essential we interrogate the positive outcomes of arts rich experiences as we strive to create a more sustainable way of living amidst a growing recognition of systemic inequities and the need for change.

Chief Investigators:

A/Prof Mark Selkrig, Dr Kathryn Coleman, and Dr Emily Wilson

Melbourne Graduate School of Education Arts Education staff are partners within the UNITWIN/UNESCO program of twelve institutions across the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Pacific and senior academics/researchers across art forms. This Arts Education Think Tank creates a space to collaborate and engage in global and interdisciplinary action and research initiatives to address significant social, cultural and sustainability issues via meaningful engagement in arts and education.

The project capitalizes on the group’s existing research drawing together current work in the following imperatives:

• Decolonisation

• Cultural resilience

• Inclusion, agency, and wellbeing

• The Post-digital age

International UNITWIN Team:

Melbourne Graduate School of Education Team: