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Manus Island detention facility

This project is a digital representation of dismantled immigration detention centre at Lombrom, Manus Island, Papua New Guinea. Importantly, this is the first known 3D model of the detention centre, making a significant contribution to collective knowledge around the facility and the island on which it was based. The centre was effectively a prison for approximately 1300 men from 2013 until 2017. In 2016, the PNG Supreme Court ordered it to be ‘closed,’ as its existence breached the PNG constitution. The detention camp was dismantled, as if it had never existed. Yet twelve men had died there due to violence, homicide, self-harm, suicide or untreated medical conditions. Over 1300 experienced pain and torture during their detainment.

The project functions as a testament to these men, and testimony of their suffering. It allows us to examine the processes enabling erasure, as if the violence that occurred there never happened.